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Twitter Workout Exercises – from last nights twitter party

Twitter Workout Exercises – from last nights twitter party

I hope U r excited for #tworkout. Format is 3 exercises per break, 15 sec recovery in between your choice of jacks, jump rope OR sidestep

If U have anything u can use for weights grab them now. Think along lines of med ball – cantaloupe, bball, sokr ball, small watermelon, bottle of soda

Progressively the exercises with get more difficult!


45 secs: SQUATS – wide stance, hands in front of u, strong core, knees don’t go beyond toes & pretend u have stability ball under you – try 2 get some air out of that ball #tworkout

45 secs: SQUAT w/ LEG LIFT – as you come into squat position alternate picking up foot about 6 inches off the floor #tworkout

45 secs: POWER SQUATS – JUMP in & out (on out it is a larger stance than previous squats and remember air out of stability ball) #tworkout

CARDIO – lets get that heart rate going:

45 Secs: SCISSOR JUMPS holding your weight extend your right arm hold it there! to the right side #tworkout This is cardio and balance – DON’T DROP IT!

45 Secs: TURNING JUMP SQUATS – hold object center as you do a 180 jump #tworkout

45 Secs: SCISSOR JUMPS holding object to the left side #tworkout Remember BALANCE we all need it, focus on tightening your core


45 Sec: BACKWARD ALT LUNGES w/ HAMMER CURL: use what you have in house for weights #tworkouts

45 Sec: FORWARD ALT LUNGES w/ BICEP CURL: keep elbows close to your body and focus on tightening biceps and buttocks as you come up from lunge #tworkout

Yes I said BUTTOCKS #tworkout – lunges help your butt!

45 Sec chair or coach triceps dips – legs straight or bent depending upon level. Goal is to drop your waistline below your hands  #tworkout

TIME FOR ABS: Recovery here will be knee bent crunches. Make sure to not strain your neck. #tworkout

45 secs: OBLIQUES: On your back, knees bent, feet on FLOOR, hands to your side and touch hands to side of toes/ankles #tworkout

45 secs: LOWER ABS: ON ur back, Hands under butt, lift legs UP & DOWN. Don’t let feet touch that floor! #tworkout

45 secs: ABS: on back, hands to side lift knees up to your chest and slowly bring them down – keep it controlled #tworkout


45 Secs: MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS – count how many you can do and let me know! #tworkout

45 Secs: PLANK HOLD on elbows rising to hands – count how many times your right hand touches the floor and tweet back to me! #tworkout

45 Secs: BURPEES  Standing position, jump down into squat, hands down in front of u & extend legs out then jump legs in & jump up #tworkout

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