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Time to Let It Go!

Sometimes the best thing to do is to ‘just let it go.’ We all encounter those special situations where you want to dwell on the negative and hold the resentment so close to you that you can’t see the next few steps ahead. Whether you are resenting your co-worker, boss, friend, boy/girlfriend, husband or wife – we all have been there. Looking back through the years I was harboring resentment towards many people, of course I would never outwardly tell them about my feelings – I had to please EVERYONE. Now I understand that harboring resentment will only negatively affect the person who harbors the resentment, the person or people being resented never feel the pain. Countless nights I wouldn’t be able to sleep as my resentment got the best of my body and me. Since, I couldn’t sleep I would constantly go back to the fridge or cabinet and grab “just a small something.” Let me tell you, 10 “just a small something’s” later probably equated to a ¾ a box of cookies and a hell of a lot of calories!

The only reason why I can now pinpoint this is because I have taken the time to think about my eating patterns. If you are trying to lose weight, it is most likely because you have the weight to lose. We all were not born heavy or obese, so ask yourself why have you gained weight. Its not until you can identify all the reasons why you gained weight, will the weight come off and stay off!

This is how I overcame my resentment…
1) I actually took time to think about why I was partaking in late night munching
2) I identified the people who I was resenting
3) I identified what they did to make me resent them
4) I took ownership of the irrational thinking and behaviors I possessed of my past because of my resentment
5) I began a journal about the past behaviors and feelings, but also about feelings now in regards to my resentment and how I would like to handle future situations
6) I overcame resentment/anger by speaking with some of the people openly (its hard but definitely worth it) or I wrote a letter that will NEVER get sent out that states all the reasons I resent them
7) I visualize what my life will be without the anger/resentment that would lead to me eating all those cookies. For me, after I would eat away my emotions I would become depressed the entire next day knowing that I would have felt better had I not eaten those cookies last night. My visualizations now don’t have any sweat tooth friends, it is just me doing the things I love and want to experience.
8 ) I affirm the life I want to live on a daily basis!

Hope this can help a few you!

Enjoy the weekend 8)


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