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Ride to Montauk

This past Saturday morning at 5:30am, my alarm goes off and it is time to ride my bike to Montauk. The bike ride to Montauk has been done many times, but I never thought I would be doing it.  I am all geared up, with 2 bike tubes,  5 CO2 Cartridges, 1 minicliff bar, 1 forze bar, 2 packages of Chomps, 5 packets of Gu’s that’s a total of 930 calories and I consumed all of it while riding my bike on average I was trying to take in a solid 150 calories an hour.  So many people have told me that the 4th discipline to the sport of triathlon is nutrition. It is the only discipline though that you have to teach yourself, which to me makes it the most difficult – especially coming from my biggest loser mentality, where you are not suppose to eat while exercising.  I had all different kinds of food and flavors, because I am trying to figure out what works best for me! If you have any ideas or suggestions on good foods to eat while working out, please share them with me =)

I had such an amazing time on this bike ride, it wasn’t about how fast we were going it was just accomplishing a long ride and getting used to being on a saddle for that amount of time. My bottom didn’t feel nice by the end of the 99 miles, (achy and raw), but it was no different than my first spin class with Jillian, all of us were moaning and groaning in pain!

Brad asked me what my favorite moment was when we were riding in the car home later that afternoon, I thought about it and the coolest part about it for me was when we were riding along dune road and there was a ton of active people jogging, walking, biking, golfing and I felt like I fit in. I fit in and I was proud that I was doing something different and active for that day. It’s a good feeling knowing that you are doing something you never thought you would do, it makes me want to try new things.

The only hiccup we had was not stopping for water at mile 56ish, I was out of water and we thought we would be able to make a stop soon – turns out there wasn’t another place to stop for about 25 miles. Next time I will defiantly be erring on the side of caution and will make sure to have enough fluids the entire time. Also, on Montauk highway, I asked one guy where we could stop and get a drink, he told me Cyril’s is about a ½ mile up…I though Cyril’s was a little food store, NOPE it was a BAR! The guy saw me in my bike gear on a bike, but still thought I wanted to grab a cocktail for the road I guess! Only in New York!

only 12 miles in - potty break!riding along - flowers in the back made us think of the tour with all the daisysanother house on dune rd! they are so beautifulthe bay 2random!don't see too many cows in LIAlmost there!brad riding alongFinally the lighthouse!

Please feel free to share with me what types of fun things you are doing – we can give each other IDEAS!

Also, you can check out what some details(route/my pace/HR) of the ride here

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