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Okay, long weekend came and went… I have a friend who cheated this weekend and she feels guilty. It can’t be about cheating! We can’t be on diets—- they don’t work! At least it doesn’t for me, anytime I use the word diet, dieting, diets – my brain thinks its a short period of time, I will go on a diet lose the weight and “poof I’m perfect!” Yeah, that’s not true because the weight will come back. It has to be a lifestyle change and that’s why it is so difficult. You might be trying to lead a new lifestyle, but others around you are the same. Are you strong enough to hold true to your new life? Take me for example, I have always been a porker (as big bad Cheryl says) so everyday I have to wake up and choose. Today, my choice was a frozen yogurt + nuts (I’m an addict). This is my new life – I want to be able to have my yogurt instead of having a cocktail. If all of you learn anything from me, please use my story as a catalyst to change your life. Don’t get down on yourself for eating something, you are human we make mistakes (I know I do!) Realize now, so you celebrated a little too much… OH WELL! Tomorrow run a little longer and faster (my plan), you are stronger than you think. One bad day does not have to turn into one bad week! Lets take control of our bodies and our lives.

Its time for me to hit the hay!
Be Well,

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