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NYC “Breakfast In The Classrom” Program

I guess, I really stirred something up on Facebook when I mentioned to all NYC Friends to make sure there school has the Breakfast In The Classroom program sponsored by American Dairy Association and Dairy Council. My sole intention was to make people AWARE. What I have realized is that people are not aware of things that are available in their community. When I learned about this program, I immediately wanted to share with all of you because I think it is AWESOME!

One of the most important things that I learned on the BL was not to skip breakfast. My old mentality was not to eat until I was hungry, the less I ate the better off I was. I was totally wrong. Now that I eat breakfast on the regular I know the differences in my body.  When I don’t eat in the morning I get ravenous throughout the day, my energy level is low and by the time I do get to eat –  I eat WAY more then I should have.  Also, I know realize when I had something full of sugar for breakfast IE Donut or Danish I would have sugar cravings all day, mood swings and hunger pangs. What I learned from Jillian was eating breakfast was crucial to my metabolism. Picture your metabolism as a fireplace that is dwindling because you have not given it wood for 8 hours because you are sleeping. When you wake up you need to give that fire more wood and starter fluid to get going again. This is how you should think about eating breakfast and your metabolism.

Eating the right breakfast really sets the stage for your day! I did some more research and look what I found out.

  1.  A study from the National Weight Control Registry has tracked the habits of 4,000 people who have lost a minimum of 30 pounds and have kept it off for at least a year. Eighty percent of the successful people in this ongoing study eat breakfast.
  2. After fasting for eight or more hours during sleep, the body’s morning blood glucose levels are low, which is dangerous territory because glucose fuels the brain and all physical activity.
  3. If you don’t eat breakfast the body’s metabolism lowers in order to conserve energy, which means you will automatically burn fewer calories during the morning hours. Secondly, in response to this perceived deprivation the body increases production of cortisol, the stress hormone that leads to fat storage particularly around the midsection. Moreover, with glucose levels low and cortisol levels high you are poised to become ravenous as the day goes on and it becomes nearly impossible for you not to overeat later. If you don’t believe this, prove it to yourself by keeping a food journal for two weeks. Skip breakfast during the first week and track your overall daily calorie intake. Eat breakfast every day the second week and again write down your overall daily calorie intake. Chances are you ate less over the course of the second week than the first.
  4. A recent study from the University of Texas at El Paso confirms that breakfast eaters consume an average of 100 calories less per day than those who do not. This amount may seem negligible, but the small deficit adds up to a 10 pound weight loss over the course of a year simply by ADDING a meal.


Bottom line, eating breakfast is very important especially, when you want to be productive. I now that I am not nutritionist, but whatever I can do to help others feel better throughout their day I will do. I also feel strongly about childhood obesity and feel that this Breakfast in the Classroom can establish a good eating pattern for kids if they do not already have breakfast in the morning. The breakfast I saw consisted of low sugar cereal (Cheerios – 70 cals), 1% Milk(100 cals), apple(70 cals), string cheese(80 cals) and low fat yogurt (100 cals). I think that this is a great breakfast for students. To learn more details about Breakfast in the Classroom look at the video on this site – http://www.adadc.com/html/educators.html

SO…If you live in the NYC area and your child attends a NYC Public School and you want this program contact the principal, parent coordinator or the American Dairy Association at http://www.adadc.com/

I hope all of this info helps you better understand why I think this is a great program. Enjoy your weekend!

Be Well, T

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