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Fruit Salad (the easy way – no joke…really easy)

Summer time is just around the corner, which means BBQ’s, block parties, the beach and lounging poolside. What the summer also offers is fresh fruit! I love fresh fruit, but HATE to cut it up, take the seeds out or peel it. One way I am able to have my fruit salad with little or no hassle is to go the frozen route. Also, since BL has ended people kind of except me, okay no BS here – they do expect me to bring the healthier option to parties so this is one thing that I can do, especially if I have little or no time!

I got to my local trader joe’s and stock up on FROZEN favorites!

I would buy…

1 – package of frozen mango chunks

1 – package of frozen blueberries

1 – package of frozen pineapple bits

1 – package of frozen strawberries

1 – package of frozen mixed berries

Add all frozen fruit to big mixing bowl and guess what you are done. Leave it in the fridge until it is defrosted and take with you or just enjoy it with the fam!

If you want to get a little crazy add some frozen yogurt or frozen organic cool whip from Trader Joe’s (sorry the name escapes me) just one scoop, you wont need more the melody of flavors is really good and won’t disappoint!.

I also think this is cheaper than actually buying the fruit. If I make my own fruit salad I always end up spending an arm and a leg. For me, going the frozen way does cut down on the cost. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think it does!

Let me know when you try it and if you liked it. Also tell me what other fruit combos you like.

Be Well =)


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