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First Ever Inspire Change Raffle – www.tararaffle.com

Okay Guys! It is here! The first ever Inspire Change Raffle to benefit my first program – Kicks 4 Kids

First off, I just wanted to say thank you. THANK YOU for coming to my site and keeping up with what I am currently doing. Something I am very excited about is what I am currently doing with my charity, The Inspire Change Foundation. My foundation was born after being on The Biggest Loser.  I realized that I wanted to be involved with helping people live healthier each day. Ever since the show ended people constantly reach out to me for help and advice. The problem is that I can’t handle the requests and questions that I have received. As a way to give back and to keep my passion for helping others alive – the foundation was born. The Inspire Change Foundation allows me to encourage others in the fight with the same battles I fought. I am privileged to have the opportunity to inspire others and wish to continue being a resource and advocate for living a healthy lifestyle.

This past summer, I have been tirelessly working on my first programing efforts, Kicks 4 Kids! Basically the program is designed to supply under privileged children with new sneakers and a playbook. The playbook will provide to the child/parent different exercise games/activities to help them achieve the daily 60 minutes of exercise a child is suppose to get! Hopefully, this will be the first step in the right direction of helping families embrace a healthy lifestyle. To help launch this program, we have created a raffle (www.tararaffle.com).
I hope that you will take a look at the raffle and buy a ticket if any of the prizes look good to you. We have been able to get some pretty awesome prizes that I think you would think are pretty cool. If you feel it is appropriate please share the raffle/my story with friends, family and co-workers. I want to make this program the best it possibly can be & help as many kids as possible!
I appreciate all of you taking the time to read this!

Below is some more details on the program and raffle.
The Inspire Change Foundation raffle (www.tararaffle.com) running now through September 23, 2011, is raising money to support Kicks 4 Kids, a program aimed at providing active footwear to children grades K-8 who otherwise would not be able to afford them. The mission of Kicks 4 Kids is to get kids back on their feet and active from an early age! In addition to supplying kids with new footwear, each child will be given a playbook that they and their parents can use as a reference guide to ensure they get their 60 minutes of activity per day.  Kicks 4 Kids will officially launch in October in Kona, HI when Tara Costa races in the Ford Ironman World Championship!

Each $25 raffle ticket enters you into the drawing for all six raffle prizes!  There will be two drawings: September 1 & September 23, 2011. Winners of the Trek Bike and the Yuengling Shamrock Marathon packages will be selected on September 1 and the winners of the Biggest Loser Resort stay, the Orlando vacation package, the membership to iLoveKickboxing, the 3 memberships to Anytime Fitness, and the LIVESTRONG package will be selected on September 23.  To learn more and to buy tickets, please visit www.tararaffle.com.

We’d LOVE your help getting this out to as many of your followers, friends, associates, family members, etc., as possible! We’re super excited about all 6 prizes, especially the grand prize courtesy of LIVESTRONG, and we think this can be a great opportunity for us to raise money and awareness about the Kicks 4 Kids program!

If you have any questions, please let me know!

Get Inspired. Change Your Life.

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