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NYC “Breakfast In The Classrom” Program

I guess, I really stirred something up on Facebook when I mentioned to all NYC Friends to make sure there school has the Breakfast In The Classroom program sponsored by American Dairy Association and Dairy Council. My sole intention was to make people AWARE. What I have realized is that people are not aware of things that are available in their community. When I learned about this program, I immediately wanted to share with all of you because I think it is AWESOME! Read More »


Interesting Study

In 2006, Creasy & Stratton conducted a study among 22 NCAA coaches. In Phase-One of the data collection, the 22 coaches completed a questionnaire for the purpose of ranking the most important components of mental toughness and to what degree they felt these components were teachable.

The questionnaire consisted of 20 components of mental toughness, 12 of which came from the 2002 Jones et al study.

The remaining eight were identified by Cal Ripken in a 2004 publication (Stratton). In Phase-Two, 10 of the 22 coaches were interviewed in order to gain a more in-depth understanding of the Phase-One research results. Read More »