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Women’s World Photo Shoot!

It's a go time!
Had to get up super early for the Women’s World cover shoot, but getting up that early isn’t so bad, especially if you don’t have to be hair/makeup ready! So, I arrived on set for the Women’s World Cover Shoot and to my amazement it was at Pat Hill Studios! This studio is where one of my first castings took place when I was like 15 years old. I couldn’t believe it. I vaguely remember it being for some lingerie company and it was a cattle call of models from every agency in town: consisting of men, women & plus gals. I remember feeling as if I didn’t belong with all the girls and guys there, now I was back at the same studio and my whole perspective on life is different. It made me realize, when I was younger – I did things because it was “cool,” not because I enjoyed it!  Now, I only do things that will make me happy – finally living a life for me!

Make sure to check out some of the pictures – I wanted to be able to show you what goes on at a shoot! Read More »


Welcome to the official Tara Costa site!

Hey Everyone! I can’t believe summer is almost over and I have been off the ranch for a few months now- crazy, right?! First off, thank you all so much for your support. I am so grateful that I have been able to inspire so many of you. This is what I want to keep doing – helping you! I have NEVER felt so good, knowing that my hard work and determination helps you do more. I can only hope that you believe in yourself. It took me so long to finally realize I CAN DO THIS and you know what, so can you!


So, what’s next… anyone have any ideas? Because I do – big ideas!

PLEASE let me know what you want and tell me what you can see me doing. I truly believe you all know me very well – I have been an open book to all of you.

Remember, you have this one life – let’s promise not to let another day pass us by!

Be Well,
Tara Costa – “BL7 Finalist”