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Time to Let It Go!

Sometimes the best thing to do is to ‘just let it go.’ We all encounter those special situations where you want to dwell on the negative and hold the resentment so close to you that you can’t see the next few steps ahead. Whether you are resenting your co-worker, boss, friend, boy/girlfriend, husband or wife – we all have been there. Read More »


Followup on Get/Stay Motivated

Some of you have asked if my “Just for Today I will eat only 1200” is what I currently follow. Read More »


JFK Runway Run Contest

JFK 5k Runway Contest- ONLY the FIRST 100 people are eligible for all goodies! TODAY ONLY (4-3-2010till midnight EST) sign up for the JFK Runway 5k at (http://www.jfkrunwayrun.org/) – ** To be apart of the contest make sure to put “Tara Costa” in the “how did you hear about us” section!

Here’s the Goodies:

The first 100 people to sign up by midnight will get the following:

1. Official race shirt signed by yours truly

2. On Race Day special line (VIP) to pick up your race shirt and other items

3. You will be entered into a special raffle to win a gift from me (awesome prize)

4. You will be first in line to take pictures & chat with me

* wear something green so I can tell who wants to run with me!

It’s going to be an awesome run – I am so excited!

Here is how to register: