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Turkey Chili Recipe!

This turkey chili is extremely filling  and at ONLY 223 calories per cup you won’t be disappointed. You will need to buy a lot of ingredients for this chili, but I promise it is worth it! You also will have a ton of it (19 servings)! Also, if you want to eat crackers with it – DON’T! Try celery with it, it adds the cooling effect PLUS crunchiness. When choosing the ingredients I choose mostly organic. What I learned was to always try to have organic meats, especially.Head to your local store and buy… Read More »


Protein Shake Recipes

This week I have been all about my protein shakes so I wanted to share with all of you what I like!

Please note – a few ways that I make personal adjustments to these recipes is:

1) When it says milk I either use fat free OR vanilla almond milk unsweetened (40 calories a cup)

2 ) When it says yogurt I normally use 0% Greek yogurt

3) I need it to be sweeter I add in a Stevia branded sweetener (many varieties at your supermarket these days – some are more bitter than others)

4) All Protein Powder that I use is 100% whey – I stick with vanilla and chocolate – Sometimes I use half the amount to cut back on calories but still want the benefits of protein

5) If I feel that I can get away without using Almond Milk or fat free milk I half the quantity and use water as replacement.

6) I only normally add the Jello or Peanut Butter if I am having a milkshake or sweet tooth craving

Apple Pie Protein Shake!

1 C Milk

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My Meal Plan Before Biggest Loser Season 7 Finale!

Just to make sure you get all the details on what I ate before the season 7 finale, check out what I sent to Women’s World for the story!

My Meal Plan Before Biggest Loser Season 7 Finale!
I had a few key staples that I would eat! I would always stay around 1200 calories. My calorie count was very important as I needed the fuel for my body to keep working out at a high intensity. If I had a large breakfast I would than have a lighter snack and dinner. I also try to stop eating at 7:30pm! If I was crazing something after 7:30pm, I drank water; if I still was not satisfied I went for a hot cup of tea. Read More »