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Fruit Salad (the easy way – no joke…really easy)

Summer time is just around the corner, which means BBQ’s, block parties, the beach and lounging poolside. What the summer also offers is fresh fruit! I love fresh fruit, but HATE to cut it up, take the seeds out or peel it. Read More »


More of my favorite meals – Chicken FAJITAS or Fajita Salad!

The best part of this meal is that you can please everyone and can feed 5 or 6 people. If one person wants a salad they can have it – just nix the corn tortillas and use the tortilla chips for some added crunchiness! Please note, calorie count on this meal can vary greatly, so you have keep a watchful eye on what you are putting on your plate. (See below for calorie count) The chicken, tortillas and guacamole add up very quickly, therefore the more veggies the better! Plus if you don’t like chicken you can substitute it for shrimp and cut back even more on the calories! Read More »


NYC “Breakfast In The Classrom” Program

I guess, I really stirred something up on Facebook when I mentioned to all NYC Friends to make sure there school has the Breakfast In The Classroom program sponsored by American Dairy Association and Dairy Council. My sole intention was to make people AWARE. What I have realized is that people are not aware of things that are available in their community. When I learned about this program, I immediately wanted to share with all of you because I think it is AWESOME! Read More »