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1 Way To Get/Stay Motivated

Hey All, I get this question all the time. I want to share with you one thing that I do that helps me get motivated and stay motivated. I am someone who needs to be reminded all the time. I need this because sometimes my eyes see things (like chocolate molten cake), that sends that message to my brain that I need that or I want that. We all have moments of weakness – I have them more than I would like. Read More »


Lots of Questions!

I get a lot of questions to my email, Twitter and Facebook. Most of the time I end up answering the same questions over and over again. Read More »


Interval Workout

I told all of you on my BL People.com Blog (http://tvwatch.people.com/2010/04/21/taras-biggest-loser-blog-why-high-calorie-day-is-okay/#comments) that I would post one of my favorite interval workouts. This workout is one that I still use today!  Let me if you like it. Read More »