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NYC “Breakfast In The Classrom” Program

I guess, I really stirred something up on Facebook when I mentioned to all NYC Friends to make sure there school has the Breakfast In The Classroom program sponsored by American Dairy Association and Dairy Council. My sole intention was to make people AWARE. What I have realized is that people are not aware of things that are available in their community. When I learned about this program, I immediately wanted to share with all of you because I think it is AWESOME! Read More »


Turkey Chili Recipe!

This turkey chili is extremely filling  and at ONLY 223 calories per cup you won’t be disappointed. You will need to buy a lot of ingredients for this chili, but I promise it is worth it! You also will have a ton of it (19 servings)! Also, if you want to eat crackers with it – DON’T! Try celery with it, it adds the cooling effect PLUS crunchiness. When choosing the ingredients I choose mostly organic. What I learned was to always try to have organic meats, especially.Head to your local store and buy… Read More »


Protein Shake Recipes

This week I have been all about my protein shakes so I wanted to share with all of you what I like!

Please note – a few ways that I make personal adjustments to these recipes is:

1) When it says milk I either use fat free OR vanilla almond milk unsweetened (40 calories a cup)

2 ) When it says yogurt I normally use 0% Greek yogurt

3) I need it to be sweeter I add in a Stevia branded sweetener (many varieties at your supermarket these days – some are more bitter than others)

4) All Protein Powder that I use is 100% whey – I stick with vanilla and chocolate – Sometimes I use half the amount to cut back on calories but still want the benefits of protein

5) If I feel that I can get away without using Almond Milk or fat free milk I half the quantity and use water as replacement.

6) I only normally add the Jello or Peanut Butter if I am having a milkshake or sweet tooth craving

Apple Pie Protein Shake!

1 C Milk

Read More »