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BL Reunion at San Francisco Tri!

Wow, almost 3 weeks ago I was hanging out with other BL contestants in San Fran! Tri California the company who puts on the race invited past BL contestants to inspire others to take part in one of the weekend’s races and share our stories. What was so awesome to me about this weekend, is that Tri Cal was trying to get all people involved, if you couldn’t do a Olympic Distance triathlon, you could run a 10k or 5k OR even do a sprint triathlon that Sunday. They did an amazing job of offering something for everyone!

As for me, this was my 2nd ever-Olympic distance triathlon and I was nervous. Let me be honest with all of you, the triathlon culture can be very intimidating and scary. Take the 80’s spandex craze into the future and you got triathlons 2010. It is a whole new world of spandex and sometimes you might not feel like you fit in. I’ve come to realize, I would rather (possibly) not fit in than let a chance of accomplishment pass me by. So I decided, what the heck go out to San Fran, hang out with past contestants and just enjoy what we all have accomplished. Who cares about the SPANDEX!

While on the plane cross country (JFK to San Fran), I was getting nervous to meet the other BL alums. A majority of past contestants saw me as a person who pushed through and persevered. What if I didn’t live up to their expectations? I realized quickly we are not in a BL Challenge, but in real life and the purpose of us coming together is to inspire change with in the community and hopefully get some other BL Alums into the sport of triathlons. Well I was right, yet wrong! Ms Allison Sweeny of The Biggest Loser and the production companies behind BL are always thinking of something to get us motivated… how about a nice PRIZE from BRITA. It was a very nice prize indeed – twenty-five thousand dollars to the first male and female finishers.  That definitely put on some tension race day! Check out this video that TriCal made of all of us – BL Alums at Treasure Island

Yes winning the triathlon was great, but the best part for me was coming together with other BL Alums I have not met. Many people assume that BL alums just know each other, but we don’t. It is funny though how quickly you can connect with each other. I love being around all of them! It is hard to put into words, but not many people can truly understand what you go through while on The Biggest Loser. Coming together as a large group, allows a piece of our past to come alive again. I met Sunshine and O’Neal, Chris Blackburn, Daris, Ashley, Vicky just to name a few for the first time ever. Then I got to really connect with a few others that always make me smile like Hollie, Abby (got to walk the Golden Gate Bridge with Abby), Shay, Michael, Stephanie, Coleen, Rebecca and Heba (who could be one of the most fun people I know). This weekend was truly amazing and one that I will never forget!

But I could forget the bus the chauffeured us around in the hills of san fran – never got car-sick so many times!

All of the pictures will be on my FaceBook page!

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