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Monthly Archives: June 2010


Time to Let It Go!

Sometimes the best thing to do is to ‘just let it go.’ We all encounter those special situations where you want to dwell on the negative and hold the resentment so close to you that you can’t see the next few steps ahead. Whether you are resenting your co-worker, boss, friend, boy/girlfriend, husband or wife – we all have been there. Read More »


Watch Your…

Watch your thoughts, they become your words. Read More »


Feeling a litte…’ehhish’ but know you still need a workout? Try 10’s

We all just had a long weekend, but now it is time to get back to the grind of work and working out – 1st BBQ’s of the season are over and Summer is has officially started in my book. Some days, especially like today, where my focus is ZERO and I want to work out but I know I won’t be able to handle running on the treadmill or listening to the spin instructor rant or rave  – I do 10’s – This is something I started doing while on the Biggest Loser. Read More »