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1 Way To Get/Stay Motivated

Hey All, I get this question all the time. I want to share with you one thing that I do that helps me get motivated and stay motivated. I am someone who needs to be reminded all the time. I need this because sometimes my eyes see things (like chocolate molten cake), that sends that message to my brain that I need that or I want that. We all have moments of weakness – I have them more than I would like. One way that I combat this, is by reminding myself daily of things that I want to achieve or do. Every morning I wake up and my mind starts to go – the list of to-do’s is already rambling. I stop myself and try to focus on one thing. That one thing is my “Just For Today.” I know that just for today I can do anything, before long that day will turn into a week and the week will turn into 2 weeks before you know it you have been doing something for a whole month. I have used my “Just for Today Post-its” idea for longer than a year now. I wake up and on my bed stand there is my post-it pad. I write…

– Just for Today I will eat only what is Fresh, Fresh, Fresh
– Just for Today I will adhere to my 1200 cal/day
– Just for Today I will get in a 2 hour run
– Just for Today I will make someone that I do not know smile
– Just for Today I will be positive about everything

My “Just for Today” post-its have evolved from losing weight, staying on track with my training plans, holding myself accountable to keeping a smile on my face and those around me.

This is one thing I do, I have posits all around – in my car, my bedroom, the kitchen, my office – ALL Over so wherever I go I am reminded of one of my Just for Today… they are never negative but they help remind me of where I was and where I am going.
Maybe this could help you – if it does I am happy that I shared it!
Hope you all had a great weekend =)

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